Rental with legal contract, room for couple


* This apartment stands out for its central location, 35 m from the street Jacinto Verdaguer, at the beginning of the Avd. Gaspar Bennasar, 10min Spain Square (Central station bus, metro, train), 4 min Gardens stations.

Bus lines 10, 24 and 29 at less than 25 meters, metro and train at 70 meters, all lines at 10 min Plaza España.

Eroski and Mercadona at 250 meters.


This room stands out for having a large double bed, a double closet (approx 1.80 width * 2.40 height) and an extra loft, in addition to enjoying a bathroom with hydromassage cabin to share with a single person. It is very bright, has double glazing of climalit (extra windows also coladuría laundry climalit).

* This floor has only 3 rooms (all very bright exteriors), two bathrooms, two terraces, two refrigerators and a laundry room, all the floor is parquet of very recent installation, enjoy gas city ensuring the supply of uninterrupted hot water ( Showers without worries that the other partner exhausted the deposit). Internet fiber optic 300 mb wifi.


Jose (25 years) and Simon-Veronica (26 years) work together in the flat, workers, Spaniards.



As you can see, we are looking for an educated and dynamic profile (the age from 22 to 39) (since we do not have the chance to stop at home).
We have a sports center (Son Hugo, the largest on the island) where you can practice swimming 5 minutes by car (5 € / month). The cleaning is managed with a quadrant of cleaning shifts.
The atmosphere in the house is friendly (we do not want a person to be isolated), because having the family for miles we want to have an atmosphere that will clothe us. We go out as a group whenever possible and organize excursions between us.
The choice of the new person is made by unanimity of all those already present, compatibility must be perfect.
The coexistence in the house is that each of us have to feel like in our own house, this also implies that anyone can bring guests (maximum prudential time of 7 to 10 days (per year) and advising in advance to avoid overlapping of Several visits, there is a room perfectly suitable for those guests and an extra inflatable mattress), likewise anyone can bring to the house of visit to whomever they want, as I insist is intended to make everyone feel at home.
The coexistence is taken by sharing the maximum time in common in the room, the aspirants who wish to live cloistered in their rooms will not comply with the requested profile.
We have a rotating cleaning shift for the common areas which has always been respected to date (this is flexible in the light of occasional circumstances).

If required, the resident’s papers would be made on the floor to qualify for discounts on public transport (sea, air and urban).
On the floor we speak Castilian (or Catalan if this was the language of the new compañer @).

Jacinto Verdaguer (the floor is 15 meters) is an avenue completely remodeled a few years ago, after the underground train and subway, which has generated a modern area with excellent infra-structures, shops and cafes where you can enjoy wide pedestrian areas, Green zones and very close to the center, where the park of the stations is poured as neuralgico green axis of the city, as well as of all the transports.

As you can see is not the typical rental apartment, here is prioritized good living and high comforts, if you look for a corner where to survive without enjoying the home feeling its own, then this is not your apartment. If you are looking for a home, have as many or more amenities as in your family home and coexistence of friends then call us. I would like to emphasize that anything I can see that can be added or improved on the floor, please tell me, if it is reasonable, I will pay it entirely from my pocket if it is too exaggerated, we will divide the cost of that improvement.


I would also like to point out that a tenant is not sought (a cohabitation of friendship is required), but to a roommate, which is why: he has rights in the house as if he were his own so that he has the right to bring occasional guests or bring To an invite @ for about a week warning beforehand that if any other partner wants to bring someone do not match the dates.
If you are interested send me another email and we will arrange an appointment so that you can go to see the apartment and meet the partners (an indispensable requirement, as we highly appreciate the compatibility among all the roommates).



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Hisilicon Balong

Baño con cabina hidromasaje

Hisilicon Balong
Baño con cabina hidromasaje

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Rent for ONE PERSON:

  • October 390 +65 (expenses + taxes = electricity, water, city gas, internet, netflix, community and taxes)
  • November 375 +65 (expenses + taxes = electricity, water, city gas, internet, netflix, community and taxes)
  • December 360 +65 (expenses + taxes = electricity, water, city gas, internet, netflix, community and taxes)
  • January 345 +65 (expenses + taxes = electricity, water, city gas, internet, netflix, community and taxes)
  • February and successive 330 +65 (expenses + taxes = electricity, water, city gas, internet, netflix, community and taxes)
  • Deposit: 1 monthly payment (it is a legal contract), which is returned upon delivery of the keys).

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